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The Pennsylvania Liquor License Company is dedicated to buying and selling Pennsylvania Liquor Licenses. By focusing exclusively on liquor license sales, you can be sure that you will receive the best possible service

The Pennsylvania Liquor License Company

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has 67 Counties.  You cannot serve alcohol without a Liquor License.  Liquor Licenses cannot be transferred from County to County, only Municipality to Municipality (assuming the appropriate approvals).  New Licenses are not created (excluding conversations of Economic Development Licenses, Zombie Licenses and the like…).

Selling a License or Buying a License can be a brutal task.  Valuations can change monthly.  Every county has different comparable transactions and the Asking Prices of sellers often vary greatly.  Put all of this together and you have 67 Purchase Price Logs that can fluxuate from month to month, year to year.

Let us help.  We help Sellers find Buyers and Buyers find Sellers.  Please Contact Us today, provide some details and let us know what you’re looking to do!

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