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The Pennsylvania Liquor License Company is dedicated to buying and selling Pennsylvania Liquor Licenses. By focusing exclusively on liquor license sales, you can be sure that you will receive the best possible service. Our team approach to liquor license transfers allows attorneys, real estate developers, specialized licensing consultants, and escrow officers to focus on their area of expertise while we concentrate on selling your license. The Pennsylvania Liquor License Company offers its sellers:

  • Proprietary Purchase Price Log – While the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does not publish the official prices of transferred licenses, TPLLC is continuously updating our database to track license prices as they fluctuate. TPLLC’s proprietary database of purchase prices has been declared by industry experts as the “number one source” of purchase price data.
  • Qualified Buyers – TPLLC screens all potential buyers to avoid approval problems. If you’ve ever tried to sell your license by yourself, you know that it is a daunting task; however, to locate a buyer who can actually make it through the approval process can be even more difficult. Our experience with liquor license rules and regulations helps us identify and avoid issues that could slow down the transfer of your license.
  • Fast License Sales – TPLLC maintains a network of advisors and buyers who are looking for licenses to purchase. Our existing clients include many national and international chains, as well as large franchisees, developers, and real estate brokers. In addition we belong to many associations and trade organizations, all of which provide a constant demand for licenses. Moreover, we are constantly marketing liquor licenses though industry publications, the Internet, and a network of other industry experts.
  • Weekly Feedback – Throughout the entire transaction, you can expect constant feedback. You will receive a weekly progress report which explains how many potential purchasers viewed your license, inquired about your license, and how many were actually qualified to purchase your license. After executing a Letter of Intent, we continually work with the advisors handling the transaction to keep you abreast of the progress, week by week. TPLLC will sell your license while you work on your next project.

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